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Property Rights will help both tenant and landlord

Imagine the ordeal that you have to go through when you think of renewing your tenancy contract with your landlord. You will have to sift through all possible rules and regulations, find out every possible detail from all the combined sources and yet at the eleventh hour, there would be some information missing which will lead you to having a dispute with your landlord.

Tobias Young also went through the same hassle while he was re-negotiating his tenancy contract with his landlord. “About a year ago, I was re-negotiating my tenancy contract with my landlord and had quite a lot of issues doing that. Then I thought about it that what would make life easier? What would make the landlords and tenants understand the rights and rules around the tenancy contract?”

He, along with some of his other colleagues, sketched out an idea of building a website where they can send everybody the details about tenancy contracts and other rules and regulations. And that is how Property Rights ( came into existence. “There are rules and regulations in place to protect people. No one is exempt from the law, the rules and regulations are pretty fair. Yet when we started talking to people, they were scared.  Initially we started on the tenant side, we saw a lot of people asking about the details. But once we built it, we also realised that landlords can be included in it as well,” said Young, CEO of Property Rights.

The idea is simple: An online service that provides tenants and landlords with all the information they need to know about their property rental rights, tailored individually to each tenancy contract. For just Dhs100 and some basic information from the tenancy contract, the subscriber can obtain access and a better understanding of the marketplace rules and regulations such as the RERA Rent Calculator, the maximum rental increase, the maximum chargeable rent, as well as all legal information regarding rent increases, evictions and legal rules.

“If you need to use RERA or the RDSC service, they will charge you 3.5% of your total rental amount to start a case. But we are a small team of three people, and for a small fee, we are trying to provide services to our subscribers, which will genuinely help them. We have recently upgraded the website and the payment facilities so that we can receive debit and credit cards and PayPal,” added Young.

The online portal will answer all of the following questions:

Do you know what your legal rights are?

Do you know how much the rent can legally be increased by?

Do you know when a tenant can and can't be evicted?

Do you know when or how to make a formal legal complaint?

Throughout the year, the subscribers will receive information about their legal rights, which will help clarify the contractual grey areas such as rental increases, eviction notices and other legal guidelines, from the subscription-only online service portal. All of these are a major concern for tenants and landlords alike.

Young also has plans of approaching companies to sign up for their services, so that the employees of the companies can benefit from their services. “We are approaching big companies. The idea is that maybe some will like to subscribe to it as a perk for their employees. In the new year, we will be approaching the big names in the market and we are also hopeful that some of the smaller companies find us.”

So now you can save yourself all the worry when renewing the tenancy contract, Property Rights will ensure that you know your rights in advance of when they are needed, helping to remove the elevated stress levels that occur when trying to renew a tenancy contract.